"Yoga is the bringing together of

body and mind"

Yoga has been in my life for the past 20 years.

I became a fully trained Yoga teacher, so that I can pass on my passion for yoga and see the smile, relaxation and calm it can bring to other peoples lives.

Yoga can give you strength and flexibility but it can also be an excellent way to relieve stress and anxiety.

Come and join one of my classes, or contact me for a 1-2-1 session and learn to be @1.


Vic Gordon



Adult Yoga Classes

@1 Yoga - a lovely, small class where we focus on Hatha yoga and relaxing breathing techniques to allow you to be @1. Perfect for all levels from beginners to the more experienced.

@1 Yoga Classes





Teen Yoga Classes

Teen Yoga - small classes especially for 11-19 year olds. The class focuses on Hatha yoga but there are elements of fun, as well as learning breathing and relaxation techniques. A great place to meet new Teens too.



Individual Classes

Contact me to arrange Private 1-2-1 sessions in the comfort of your own home or in the studio. 

1-2-1 sessions are available as individual session or for groups of adults and teens or both together!


Sadie Aged 16

I really enjoy Vic's yoga lessons. Vic is a great teacher and I find that the classes really help me relax. I especially like the breathing exercises and use them at home to help me sleep. 

Hannah Aged 11

Vic has such a lovely, warm and welcoming personality. She is a really good teacher and doesn't ever put you on the spot. I would definitely recommend you join the Teen yoga class as it make you feel relaxed and calm. I have been going for a few months now and it has really made me feel more relaxed.